Good morning everyone!

We start the week wearing a dress full of colors from Naif Line website.


Over the months, I´m trying to find comfortable and nice clothes, not too tight and quite cool to fight the heat. That is why, when I first saw this beautiful dress, I thought that it was perfect. Besides that, I love the print.

In order to complement it, I chose nude color heels «a basic that never fails», soft pink bag and my watch from Marea.

As you know, sometimes less is more.

Have a happy start of the week, beauties!


outfits-colorines-teresa-quiroga2 outfits-colorines-teresa-quiroga3 outfits-colorines-teresa-quiroga5 outfits-colorines-teresa-quiroga7 outfits-colorines-teresa-quiroga8

Vestido/Dress: Naif Line

Zapatos/Shoes: Zara

Bolso/Bag: Zara

Reloj/Watch: Marea


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