Good morning everyone!

Today I don´t just want to show you my outfit. As you may have noticed, my figure is changing these last months… this is because my husband Oscar and I are waiting for a baby!! We are very happy and excited, and also very grateful to tell you the news, because you demonstrate your love and interest in the Blog, day after day since the beginning.

I am eager to tell you the day to day of my pregnancy and to increase the blog with new subjects related with this new stage of my life.

You will see the course of the pregnancy and will notice the change of my body…anyway I will try to be loyal to my style, I promise!

About today’s outfit, I found this beautiful peach color dress in a street market of my town and I bought it for only 10€… a whole bargain, isn’t it?

It has a very fetching pattern and a wonderful fabric.

As accessories, I chose nude high heels to stylize the legs and my beautiful leather bag by MundoSona… As you know, one of my favorites of this season, elegant, comfortable and very easy to match.

Thousands of thanks for being always there and for making me so happy!

Love U.

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Vestido/Dress: Tienda Local

Zapatos/Shoes: Zara

Bolso/Bag: MundoSona

Pendientes/Earrings: Dior

Gafas/Sunglasses: Karen Walker

¿Te Gusta?


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