Good morning, beauties,

We finish this week with a perfect dress for these Holidays.


A classic navy blue dress, loose-fitting and comfortable is my choice for today.

As you know I love to give the touch of color with the shoes and bag.

In this occasion I decided to mix blue with orange…do you like it?

Have a happy week!! Lets enjoy it! 🙂


outfits-navy-orange-teresa-quiroga2 outfits-navy-orange-teresa-quiroga3 outfits-navy-orange-teresa-quiroga4 outfits-navy-orange-teresa-quiroga5 outfits-navy-orange-teresa-quiroga6 outfits-navy-orange-teresa-quiroga7 outfits-navy-orange-teresa-quiroga8

Vestido/Dress: Zara

Zapatos/Shoes: Suite Blanco

Bolso/Bag: Hermés

Gafas de sol/ Sunglasses: Wolfnoir

Pendientes/Earrings: Parfois

¿Te Gusta?

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