Hi everyone,

Today I come up with a sweet look in nude and pink tones, with matching accessories.

August is finishing, each day is less hot, shorter and we start to prefer french sleeve.

I wish these days pass very fast so that I can meet my Little princess soon☺

I try to enjoy my little tummy the max, these moments when you feel a little person inside you are amazing, her soft kicks…

It is a very nice moment in a woman life and although lots of days you wake up exhausted and heavy, I think it is important to take care of oneself a little bit, and enjoy our body.

I hope you like it!

Big kisses,

outfits-pinky-teresa-quriroga2-2 outfits-pinky-teresa-quriroga3-3 outfits-pinky-teresa-quriroga4-4

Vestido/Dress: Tienda Local

Zapatos/Shoes: Zara

Bolso/Bag: Guess

Reloj/Watch: Duward

Pulsera/Bracelet: Bimba y Lola

Gafas/Sunglasses: Prada via Mister Spex


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