Good morning darlings,

After a weekend full of love and sweetness, I couldn’t go on without show you the outfit that I chose to my Valentine´s dinner.


I think love should be demonstrated 365 days a year, but I like a special day to celebrate it!

For the dinner, I chose a pink lace dress with openings in the back … a touch of insinuation but without showing too much.

The other garments and accessories in neutral colors: nude shoes and golden bag.

I hope you really enjoyed the day with your beloved’s, and also rested enough to start the week with a lot of power.

Thank you for your visits and comments.

Have a happy day,


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Vestido/Dress: Sheinside

Pendientes/Earrings: SuiteBlanco

Zapatos/Shoes: Zara

Clutch: Christian ( Tienda Local)

¿Te Gusta?

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