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In today´s selection, I would like to include some basic garments and accessories of my closet. I have also included basic garments and accessories in our couple closet and other little caprices that cheer us up!!

When we bought high-quality products, they remain with us, being part of our memories… something special. That is why I have thought in Unode50, a high quality brand with special designs, hand-made, piece by piece.


As you probably know, I love hand-made pieces, made with love taking care of each detail. Metallic tones are my favorites, golden ones above all, such warm and sophisticated… That is why my jewel choice, usually come in this kind of finish.

Enjoy the large variety from Unode50, visiting their website and their shops!

I already got these beautiful and original spike earrings… I think they are a very special pieces! I have also felt in love with their bracelet designs, because small details define our stile and make us unique.

As essential accessory in my closet, nothing like a nice black leather bag, perfect for any occasion. Its durability and appearance is always remarkable, but always accompanied by a good pair of leather stilettos in black color too…

Talking about clothes, as I already told you, the garment par excellence in every women closet is the «Little Black Dress», designed by Coco Chanel in the 20s, continues being reinvented season after season.

By selecting appropriate jewels, bag and shoes, any woman could conquer the world… Don´t you think so?


whises-selection-basicos-unode50-hombre-teresa-quiroga0whisesbasicos unode50 hombre

Talking about men, I like simple details that make the difference. In Unode50´s website, you can also find men’s pendants, rings, bracelets… or maybe a nice watch …

My favorite one is this black sport Chronograph, spectacular ¿isn´t it?

With these accessories, we only need to complete a nice outfit using shirt and jeans… we are ready for any occasion.

What do you think? Share with us your opinion!

What is your favorite piece by Unode50?

I hope you like this selection.

Have a happy day,


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